RJ-303-BK 6-Port Remote Oil Filter Mount Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions:

Step 1

Attach Remote Mount body to engine bracket desired position using 4 ea. ¼-20 bolts.

Step 2

Install 2 ea. -10AN fitting and 4 ea. Plugs into desired IN/OUT ports. (Lubricate O-rings prior to installation)

Step 3

Lubricate with oil, install 1/8” pipe plug using 3/16” hex wrench.

Step 4

Locate 3 bracket mounting lower left side of engine.

Step 5

Install remote mount assembly using 3 ea. 8mm bolts.

Step 6

Install appropriate size oil filter that contains ¾-16 threads.

Baxter Performance is excited to offer the RJ-303-BK 6-Port Remote Oil Filter Mount. This simple and effective component can reduce engine-wear caused by dry starts and help extend the life of your vehicle. Contact us today with any questions, and order yours from Baxter Performance!

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RJ-303-BK 6 Port Remote Mount Installation Instructions

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