Remote Oil Filter Adapter (Multi-Port)

Need easier access to your oil filter? Tired of skid plate removal just to change your cartridge oil filter? The Baxter Performance Remote Oil Filter Adapter provides the ability to relocate the oil filter using aftermarket oil filter mounts and the use of other oil system components such as oil coolers and accumulators. Two AN-10 to M18 x 1.5 male fittings included. Use of this adapter will add 1.125 inches of distance from the engine filter housing opening + the length of your chosen AN fittings. Please consider these dimensions and associated clearances when ordering.

Pentastar 3.6L RJ-404-CP Remote Combo Pack

SKU: RJ-404-CP


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Pentastar 3.6L 2014 and newer MR-202-BK Cartridge to Remote Adapter

SKU: MR-202-BK


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Toyota TR-602-BK Cartridge To Remote Adapter (Multi-Port)

SKU: TR-602-BK


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Toyota TR-502-BK Cartridge To Remote Adapter (Multi-Port)

SKU: TR-502-BK


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