Inverted Remote Spin-On Oil Filter Mount

Installation Instructions For Chrystler & Dodge V6 3.6L Engines:

Step 1

Prior to installation determine:

  • Mounting location (mid-engine level or above)
  • Mounting bracket orientation (can be mounted either side of Remote Mount body in 90° rotational increments)
  • Hose connection location and routing

Step 2

Once mounting and hose path is established:

  • Use mounting bracket as template to mark and drill holes
  • Attach mounting bracket to Remote Mount Body using supplied cap screws and lock washers

Step 3

  • Install -10AN fittings and plugs with O-rings (lubricate O-rings)
  • Helpful Hint: Using a sharp punch, create small hole at top of filter prior to removal at next oil change. This will allow oil to drain from filter before removing.

We recommend minimum 5/8” ID hose rated for oil and fuel.

Baxter Performance is excited to offer the Inverted Remote Spin-On Oil Filter Mount RI-101-BK. This simple and effective component can reduce engine-wear caused by dry starts and help extend the life of your vehicle. Contact us today with any questions, and order yours from Baxter Performance!

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PDF Instructions

Inverted Remote RI-101-BK Mount Installation Instructions

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